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 Description of Juliet Knight

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PostSubject: Description of Juliet Knight   Description of Juliet Knight Icon_minitimeMon Oct 08, 2012 3:10 pm

Description of Juliet Knight CommissionJuliet_zps19c86b35

Name: Juliet Knight
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Siblings: James; Twin brother, Ebony; Twin sister, Romeo; Older brother and Maxine; Younger Sister. Previous and possibly still siblings; Dason; older brother and Journey, Same aged sister.
Father: Richard Knight
Mother; ?
Description: Juliet is a shy girl and due to her appearance she is very self concious and tends to be bullied in school. She is only close to her brother James and her two sisters, Romeo seems to be 'jealous' of her. Juliet has very light blue-gray eyes, they almost look completely gray/white-blue at times. Her hair is very long and a pure blonde, and despite her original design, she has wolf ears and not human.
Forms: Butterfly Assassin; Juliet's most skimpy yet covering outfit, the 'design' or 'form' is named this because of her butterfly clip in her hair that does turn into a real butterfly. Ultimate Form; sort of a sacrifice form, if she dies in this form she cannot come back at all; yet death causes this form to come in the first place. Slytherin Form; well its really just an outfit....but somehow Juliet is more devious. Droid Form; Juliet's somehow weakest, and strongest form at the same time.

Romeo considers Juliet:
"All in All, you're no good, you don't cry like you should."
Description of Juliet Knight Cm0101_by_revanche7th-d5haoak_zpsd1cfbf82
"You do nothing right...why live?"

Description of Juliet Knight YiuZm7
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Description of Juliet Knight
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