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 Ray's Characters

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PostSubject: Ray's Characters   Thu Sep 06, 2012 12:21 pm

Oh God...lets see.

Main Characters:

Juliet - Blonde hair NON-flat chested lover of Geode
Ebony - White haired lover of Elijah
Luna - Best Fox ever who Levitas falls on
Broken Doll - Girl with rose eye, lover of Hikaru
Hikaru Ren - Boy who lost his love Ame, then found her under a new name
Liviana - lover of Laguna
Ariana - eh
Lacrirosa - Best tween character ever, sister of Cupid
Journey - sister of dason, lover of Remedy
Dason - brother of Journey, lover of Miranda
Yui - lover of Voras, a silver haired beauty
Alois - blonde haired blue eyed boy, usually calm, serious or lustful
James - Juliet's ego
Locket - vampire slayer, in love with Haruko
Cheria - cherry panda, nough said
Faith - albinoe daughter of Juliet and Geode
Scarlet - Red haired/Red eyed daughter of Juliet and Geode
Eternal - Only daughter of Geode and Juliet's that has wolf ears and a damaged leg
Feb 11th - Perfect dog of Wonderland
Maria - daughter of two blehs, poor child
Sora - Red haired, no shirt wearing black-jean wearing boy
Richard - Juliet's protective father/sometimes not Dx

Older/Minor Characters:
Violet - All purple girl, daughter of Juliet and ?
Alaska - daughter force made by rape from George and Juliet
Dakota - See Alaska
Penny - Lover of ichigo, I hate her and him...
Suicide - old dog character
Heidi - character made from old dead dog
Rachel - meeeee c:
RayRay - dog/rabbit like meeee
Corey - brother D:
Dare - Luna's uncleee
Khor - Dare's Brother
Zora - Khor's Daughter
Anabell - Friend of Luna
Gemma - Daughter of George and Journey?
Matt - hater of everyone
Tony - Matt?
Alice - some wicked bull crap
Willow - Boy and girl dog
Yin - old child character
Evil Juliet XD - le duh
John - Juliet's abusive dad

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Ray's Characters
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